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 Oley E. Rooker Library

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Little Rock City Beautiful Commission

Contact List (December 2014)

Bylaws (Revised, July 2011)

In April 1947, the City Beautification Forum, consisting of eighteen members, was organized by Mrs. Raymond Gesell. From this group, the Little Rock City Beautiful Commission (CBC) was created on January 12, 1948 by Ordinance No. 7494. It is one of the oldest city commissions.

In October 1976, the current "City Beautiful Commission" was created by Little Rock City Code 15-26,27. Members of the City Beautiful Commission are appointed by the Little Rock Board of Directors.

The goal of the commission is 'to raise the level of community expectation for the quality of its environment'. The duties of the commission are: to review requests for variance to the landscape ordinance; to promote public interest in the general improvement of the appearance of the city of Little Rock; to provide environmental policy direction and guidance to the Board of Direcotrs; and to establish, subject to the Board of Director's approval, regulations of aesthetic quality for public and private lands and improvements.


1.  Ed Peek (2016) */ Chair 2014-2015

2.  Steve Homeyer (2015) / Vice-Chair 2014-2015

3.  Wally Loveless (2015) / Treasurer 2014-2015

4.  Carrie M. Young (2017, pending)

5.  Chris Morgan (2016)

6.  Chris Hancock (2016)

7.  Bob Winchester (2017)

8.  Ashley Jones (2016) 

9.  Lynn Mittelstaedt Warren (2014) * out-going

10. Vacant (2015)

11. Vacant (2017)

* Required professional position (landscapace architect, architect, engineer or planner)

City Support Staff This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Board Liaison:  Director Dean Kumpuris, MD