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Commercial Landscape Awards


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 Oley E. Rooker Library

 U.S. Pizza in the Heights

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Little Rock City Beautiful Commission

Community Awards

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Eye of the Beholder Winner, 2009, Quapaw Quarter

The City Beautiful Commission (CBC) was established in 1947 and is responsible for ensuring a high level of visual aesthetic quality in the Capital City. The goal of the Commission is to raise the level of community expectations for the quality of their environment and these community awards help with this goal.

Three awards were identified as the main focus for the City Beautiful Commission at this time:

1. Commercial Landscape Awards


One of the Award winners for 2012 (The Bernice Gardens)

Description: This award is the Commission’s oldest annual award and was introduced in 1979 by Bob Brown, former Landscape Administrator in the Planning and Development Department, to recognize new developments that went beyond the city requirements to develop or improve their new landscape.

The first awardee was Trellis Square Shopping Center. Currently, the award recognizes the “Top Three Best of the Best” from that year’s nominations.

christy  bob

Christy Marvel with Bob Brown (2010) honoring his efforts for

the commission and the Landscape Awards

Award: The winners are recognized in front of the Board of Director's meeting in the Fall with a framed annual poster, long-stemmed red rose (symbolic of the commission’s logo) and a yard sign to display for a year at their development.

Nomination: This award is open to public nominations but primarily comes from the Planning and Development Department. Nominations are open from May until August and voting occurs at the September commission meeting.

Landscape Award Winners 1979-present

2. Eye of the Beholder Award

eob 2011 sm

       Award winner 2011 (Hillcrest Area)

Description: This award was introduced in 2002 by former Commissioner Ann Ivey and is two-fold: It recognizes residents in the city that have promoted and improved the landscape in the City and it recognizes beautiful residential yards and that resident's dedication and hard work to improve the landscape of our City. It is a very popular award with the recipients.

Award: The winners receive an attractive certificate signed by the commission and the mayor and a yard sign to display in their yard for 1-2 months. The yard sign can be recycled by the awardee when done in their curbside recycling bin. The award time frame is typically open from March through October.

Nomination: This award is open to public nominations but primarily comes from the Commission

3. Visionary Landmark Award 

clinton pres center -

      2005 Winner: Clinton Foundation, William J. Clinton Presidential Center

Description: This award acknowledges an outstanding development in Little Rock that has become a landmark and significant presence in the city landscape. Like the City’s namesake rock formation, “La Petite Roche” on the banks of the Arkansas River (1722), became the first landmark that directed travelers to the settlement (later named as 'Little Rock'), this new landmark is also a present-day attraction in the city.

This award also acknowledges an outstanding individual or group in Little Rock that are a local/state/national figurative ‘landmark’ and significant presence in the city landscape. By this award, their contributions to the Little Rock landscape are recognized.

Award: The winners are recognized, as needed, in front of the Board of Director's meeting in the spring with a rock trophy (reminiscent of the rock landmark) and a long-stemmed red rose.

Nomination: This award is a closed nomination but recommendations are accepted by the Board of Directors and the public.