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"Cleanest Town” national awards, part of the “Clean Up-Paint Up-Fix Up Program” (1957, 1958, 1960, 1961)


first Miss City Beautiful Queen, Dorothy Lusk, 1950

Miss City Beautiful Pageant (1950s-1960s)

Beautification project- Forest Park School (1956-57)

Beautification project- Jefferson School (1957-58)

Original plan to beautify the riverfront area and the "La Petite Roche" rock formation site (1968)

Beautification project- Mitchell School (1969)


Little Rock Bicentennial Carillon (Bell Tower) by the Zoo in War Memorial Park (1977)

Beautification project- Cathedral School (1980)

Belvedere Pavilion in Riverfront Park (1986)


City flag design contest (1988)- Debut new city flag in October 1988


Pretty & Clean Neighborhood award program (1990s)


(L-R): School group audience, "Green Lady" Kate Altohff, "Speaker" former Commissioner Dottie Funk

Arbor Day skit (2002 & 2003)- educational booth for school children’s City Arbor Day Event


Adopt-A-Street billboard partnership with Lamar Advertising, Public Works, & Mangan Holcomb Partners (2002-2006)

Little Rock’s “Adopt-a-Street” (AAS) program is one of the oldest programs in the country. Adopt-A-Street is a program in which neighborhoods, businesses or individuals can "adopt" a street and pledge to keep streets clean by picking up litter. Adopt-A-Street helps keep our communities clean, and provides community involvement.

In 2002, CBC joined in partnership with the City's Adopt-a-Street (AAS) program. Former CBC Chair Nash Abrams (2003-2004) wanted CBC to help promote the AAS program. He has been a litter prevention advocate for years and personally adopted miles of streets to cleanup. Initially, CBC adopted a street to cleanup and asked for high litter and high profile street to adopt and the AAS program recommended South Bowman Road (from Kanis Street north up to Mara Lynn Road) in West Little Rock. The AAS signage went up and CBC went to work to clean up the street every other month during the year, continuing today.

Former commissioners Karol Zoeller and Jan Hicks worked on the promotion of the program and were able to partner with Lamar Advertising to donate one billboard at various locations within the city's limits. Former commissioner Sharon Tallach Vogelpohl (Mangan Holcomb Partners) donated graphic design and advertising assistance from her firm to design the advertising 

Bowman Bus Stop Tree Planting (2004)


Former Commissioner Jan Bartlett Hicks by our garden show booth in 2006

Arkansas Flower & Garden Show (2006-2010) 5 years

Pocket cigarette Ashtrays (2006)

City Hall Parking lot entrance/exit: Garden Beautification Project (2007)


water feature construction volunteers wearing "Got Water" shirts!

One of the duties of the Little Rock City Beautiful Commission (CBC) is to promote a greater public interest in the improvement of the appearance of the city of Little Rock. To this end, CBC has been involved in several beautification projects around the city such as the Bicentennial Carillon/Bell Tower by the Zoo (1977); Belvedere Pavilion, Riverfront Park (1986) and the Bowman Bus Stop Tree Planting (2004).

During our 2007 planning retreat, we identified two beautification projects that have been discussed over the years that we would like to pursue. One of the projects is to beautify and improve the aesthetics of the rear entrance into City Hall where many visitors and city directors enter. This area has been a concern with the Commission since 2001. The “City Hall Beautification Project” (Phase I) would involve the area shown in the photo below.

This project started as an idea from then Commissioner Nash Abrams to the new commissioner, Lynn Warren (landscape architect) in 2001. Some tree planting improvements were made by the city at that time but it wasn't until 2007 when the synergy was right and the project came together through the cooperation of many groups. The goal of this project was to get everything donated and has been very successful. City staff are to be commended with their very cooperative efforts at all aspects of this project. There are plans for a Phase II for this project and will be announced at the upcoming ribbon cutting event.

Project components
This project began in May 2007 with supervision of Commissioners Lynn Warren, Jan Bartlett Hicks and Steve Homeyer and discussions continued through August 2007 with final approval from the City Manager Bruce Moore. Project coordination began and scheduling was focused for October 2007. In May, through discussions between Commissioner Homeyer and the Keeling Company about irrigation material donations, the donation of a water feature came up. This concept was presented to the full Commission and CBC agreed to pursue the water feature donation with the city.

The water feature is a symbol of the prominent natural river that the city developed around and brings it to City Hall. Some large boulders were planned to symbolize the namesake of the city as well. The sound of water helps mask the adjacent street noise with more pleasant and soothing sounds, referred to as "white noise." The plants will complement the water feature and the shady area and create a nature nook. The water feature, white noise, benches and the plants work together to create a nice visitor entrance as well as an attractive break area for employees. This project works to fulfill the Parks Department's slogan of Little Rock as a "City in a park" by bringing a mini-park environment right up to the back door of City Hall.

The Keeling Company offered to donate the development of the water feature with the design assistance of the City Parks Department. It is the first component of the development. It was designed to be an educational workshop for local contractors to learn about this type of "pondless" water feature construction from the vendors involved. It also served as a donation to the city to beautify its visitor entrance into City Hall. 

The Vision in place, former commissioner Nash Abrams next to the rock plaque to be unveiled

Transforming an "eyesore" into an "escape" is a quote from Chris Keeling, water feature project coordinator. His goal for this project was to showcase what teamwork and cooperation can create for the community and it has been very successful. This construction occured Tuesday, October 16th with many interested and curious on-lookers. By the end of the day, the water feature was working and the construction workers celebrated with a photo opp wearing "Got Water" t-shirts.

The next phase of the project is training with the city on the water feature, final details on the feature followed with the installation of the irrigation in the project area and plantings. Once the project is completed, a ribbon cutting media event will invite the City Manager, Mayor and City Directors and all the people involved to celebrate the project's completion.

Project Summary
Project Partners/Donors

Total Project Cost (all donations and in-kind labor/equipment): $16,000

Partners / Donors:
City Hall logistics: City Staff (2007): In-kind Services & Equipment
City Manager's Office: Bruce Moore, Bryan Day, Susan Langley; City Attorney's Office: Beth Carpenter; Public Relations: Scott Carter, Meg Matthews; Public Works: Steve Haralson, P.E.; Ronnie Loe, P.E; Steve Beck, P.E.; Building Services: Jessie Trigleth, Vic Moya; Public Works – Operations: Eric Petty, David Wooley, Kenneth R. Wilcox, Rusty Green, Neb Murry, Anthony Johnson; Parks Department: Truman Tolefree, Mark Webre, Leland Couch, Phoebe Stephens, Joe Scerbo, Jim Sick, Kevin Pride; Planning Department: Tony Bozynski, Dana Carney, Christy Marvel

Water feature donation: Keeling Company (2007)
Water Feature construction workshop: Oct. 16, 2007
Vendors: Keeling Company, NLR (water feature event sponsor); Hall Marketing, Gulfport, MS / manufacturers’ representative; and Aquascape Inc, St. Charles, IL / water feature equipment manufacturer; Workshop Contractors (Little Rock): Southern Lawn, Schneider and Positive Results

October 2007 Workshop Food Sponsors:
Pizza Sponsor: Hillcrest U.S. Pizza
Snack Sponsor: Hillcrest Kroger @ Beechwood
Bottled water Sponsor: Central Arkansas Water

Irrigation materials donation: Keeling Company (2007)
Irrigation labor donation: Homeyer Lawn & Sprinkler (2007)
Rock/Boulder assortment/Top Soil donation:
Homeyer Lawn & Sprinkler (2007)
Plants donation: The Good Earth Center, Home Depot, Parks Department, Bemis Tree Farms (2007-09)

City Beautiful Commission members (2007 - 2009)
Lynn Warren, 2007-08 Chair; Steve Homeyer, 2009 Chair; Jan Bartlett Hicks; Ann Ivey; Debra Redding; Jessica Watts; Jim Vandenberg; Mary Jane Rebick; John Beneke; Walter Jennings; Jennie Cole; Kay Tatum; Bill Wiedower; Lee Anne Overall; Ben Jackson; Betsy Luten
Beautification Project co-chairs: Lynn Warren & Steve Homeyer 
City Director Liaisons: Brenda ‘B.J.’ Wyrick (2007-08), Dr. Dean Kumpuris (2009)
Beautification Idea Credit / Honoree: Former Commissioner Nash Abrams (2001 request to Lynn Warren)
Dedication: September 24, 2009