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Commercial Landscape Awards


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 Oley E. Rooker Library

 U.S. Pizza in the Heights

Southwest Power Pool



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AWARDS - Honoring the Little Rock Community

Little Rock, Pulaski County is #8 in America's Best Affordable Places, 2011

Two Little Rock locations are honored in the Top Ten Favorite Places to visit in Arkansas

Little Rock is #31 in 2011 Best Cities for Families

The Ouachita Trail, in west Little Rock, is ranked third among the long trails for solitude by Backpacker Magazine

Little Rock-North Little Rock-Conway Area is ranked #6 in Best Mid-size Cities For Jobs

Little Rock-North Little Rock-Conway Area is ranked #20 in Cleantech Jobs ranking among 100 largest metropolitan cities in the US (Brookings-Battelle Clean Economy Database, July 2011). In terms of the Cleantech Jobs by states, Arkansas ranked #25, behind Texas!

#4 in American Cities With the Fastest Green Jobs Growth

#7 in Kiplinger's List of Top 10 Best Value Cities . Slide Show


1970s Milestones

  • CBC sponsors the Bell Tower project by the Zoo (1977)
  • City Staff and CBC kicks off the "Landscape Award" program (1979-present)

1980s Milestones

  • CBC sponsors the Belvedere Pavilion project in Riverfront Park (1986)
  • CBC sponsors the City Flag design contest (1988) New city flag debut October 1988

1990s Milestones

  • Pretty & Clean Neighborhood program (1990s)
  • CBC kicks off the "Polish the Rock" Award (1995)

2000s Milestones

  • CBC worked on Task Force to develop the new Landscape Ordinance (2000)
  • City of Little Rock is recognized with a Tree City USA affiliation(2001)
  • City Beautiful Commission becomes the Tree Board for variance requests to the ordinance (2001)
  • CBC produces a Arbor Day skit (2001-2003) for school children’s City Arbor Day Event
  • CBC kicks off the "Eye of the Beholder" Award program for beautiful residential yards (2002-present)
  • Partnered with Public Works to promote the City's "Adopt-A-Street" (AAS) program
  • CBC adopted S. Bowman Road in West Little Rock (2002) Promoted the program to increase adoptions by 25%
  • CBC partnered with Lamar Advertising (donated billboard display) and Mangan Holcomb Partners (designed the billboard ad) to launch the new AAS billboard that rotated around the City (2003-present)
  • Public Works purchased 250 vehicle bumper stickers of the billboard ad to use on trash trucks and city vehicles to advertise the program (2003)
  • In 2007, after 5 years of street adoption, CBC renews their commitment to continue!
  • In June 2007, Chair Warren issued a challenge to the other city commissions and boards to adopt a street as well.
  • Bowman Bus Stop Tree Planting (2004) along CBC’s adopt a street segment
  • Organize task force for a new group, Keep Little Rock Beautiful (2004-2006): CBC is asked by the City Manager's Office, Keep Arkansas Beautiful (KArB) and Director Stacy Hurst to help organize a Task Force of interested citizens, businesses, institutions to form an affiliate of KArB for the city. This was done in 2004 with the Task Force group worked on the formation of the group in 2005 under the supervision of CBC Chair Zoeller and officially became "Keep Little Rock Beautiful," a non-profit agency, in 2006. A commissioner sits on KLRB board (per the bylaws) to help continue communication between the two groups and  to help  each  group to work together on similar projects.
  • CBC addresses the #1 litter problem in the state which is cigarette litter and introduces cigarette pocket ashtrays to decrease cigarette litter around the city (2006)
  • Booth at the Arkansas Flower & Garden Show (2006-2010) – Introduced KLRB in 2007 to bring awareness to this new group, promoted local rose and iris groups
  • City Hall Beautification Project (2007) - improvements to the back parking lot (north side) to include new water feature, irrigation, and plantings to enhance the entrance (all donations of labor and materials)
  • New City Beautiful Commission website (2007) - designed, developed and maintained by the commission for the citizens, mayor, directors, staff and variance request applicants.
  • Update the Commission Bylaws (2007) - Approved September 2007
  • Focus the commercial landscape awards as the "Top 3 Best of the Best" for the year (2007) with new signage and change to posters instead of plaques (2008)
  • Amendments to the Landscape Ordinance (2007-2009) – Approved November 2009
  • Changed the meeting location for the commission from City Hall to Curran Hall (City’s Tourist Information Center) - October 2009.

2010s Milestones

  • The Commission was increased in size from 9 members to 11 members and updated the Commission's Bylaws - Approved July 2011
  • Update City Beautiful Commission website (2010-2011) – Debut June 2011
  • 2011-2012: Updating CBC History Display
  • Update the Landscape Ordinance-T.R.E.E. Fund, Section 15 (2011-2012) - Approved February 2012